Matthews Home Improvement Allowance & Discounts Programs

Matthews Home Improvement is committed to helping its customers save money on essential home projects and improvement services. To support this commitment, Matthews Home Improvement offers a variety of allowance and discount programs to fit all kinds of budgets.

The company offers different programs depending on the type of project and the amount of money being spent. For larger projects, such as adding a deck or major interior remodeling, Matthews Home Improvement offers up to a 25% discount with a qualifying purchase of materials and labor. For even larger projects such as a major house remodel or room addition, Matthews Home Improvement provides an additional 10% allowance on qualifying purchases. Customers are encouraged to discuss the details of all these allowance and discount programs when they meet with the company consultants to plan their projects.

Matthews Home Improvement also offers various discounts for veterans and seniors who qualify under its program guidelines. Qualifying veterans and seniors are eligible for a 10% discount for services up to $500. The company takes great pride in being able to offer these discounts to those who have served our country and to those who are retired and have limited funds.

For smaller projects, Matthews Home Improvement offers an ongoing 5% discount on materials. The company also provides discounts for specific projects including walls, tile, windows, and more. These discounts can be discussed based on the project and the estimated cost.

Finally, Matthews Home Improvement occasionally offers additional discounts on its services. Customers should follow the company’s website and take advantage of any seasonal or promotional discounts being offered.

At Matthews Home Improvement, we are dedicated to helping our customers save money while still providing top-notch service. We know that our allowance and discount programs are important aspects that help ensure our customers are getting the best possible deal. If you have questions or want to discuss any discounts then call our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.