Matthews Home Improvement Social Media Updates & Engagement

Matthews Home Improvement has been providing quality home improvement services for many years, and now they’ve decided to up their game by getting involved in the world of social media. Through social media, Matthews Home Improvement is able to reach a broader audience and provide helpful updates, tips, advice, and exclusive deals on their services.

The first step they took was to create a presence on the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. On these accounts, Matthews Home Improvement posts valuable information, such as the latest renovations and projects they’ve completed, home improvement tips, and updates about their services. They also post photos of their work and on-site progress, allowing their customers to see the progress of their project from start to finish.

In addition to providing content on social media, Matthews Home Improvement encourages customer feedback and engagement. To achieve this, they make their posts interactive by asking their followers questions, hosting polls and contests, and providing incentives for customers to hashtag their projects. They’ve also set up a customer comment section on their website so that customers can provide feedback and ask questions about their project.

As an added bonus, Matthews Home Improvement has begun offering exclusive deals and discounts on their services through social media. They post special offers and coupons that can be used on specific services, providing an incentive for customers to follow them and keep up with their updates.

Matthews Home Improvement’s presence on social media is not only helping them attract new customers, but also keeping their existing customers up to date and engaged with their business. The combination of quality content, customer engagement, and exclusive offers is helping Matthews Home Improvement to build a strong following and keep their customers coming back for more.