Phil Pledger Painting's Years of Experience

Phil Pledger Painting's Years of Experience

Phil Pledger Painting has been in the painting business for over 38 years. In that time, they have built an impressive record of excellence, providing high-quality services with an expert level of skill and craftsmanship.

Since 1982, Phil Pledger Painting has committed itself to delivering top-notch results, guaranteeing that each and every job is completed to the highest standards. The company is especially skilled at offering pressure washing and drywall services in addition to their expertise in traditional painting.

Over the years, Phil Pledger Painting has kept its focus on providing not just quality work but also great customer service. They have a courteous and helpful staff that is always ready to assist with queries or inquiries. The company has cultivated a dedicated base of clients, many of whom have been returning customers over the years.

As an added benefit, Phil Pledger Painting also provides free estimates on their services. This makes it easier for customers to make informed decisions about their budgets, giving them peace of mind that the best possible price is being offered with no hidden fees.

As one of the leading painting services in the area, Phil Pledger Painting is a trusted partner for any paint job. With excellent customer service, commitment to quality, fast results and decades of experience, customers can be sure that there won't be any surprises when working with Phil Pledger Painting.