Superior Surfaces Warranties – What kind of warranties and guarantees does the business offer

Superior Surfaces offers a full and comprehensive warranty on every job they complete. They are proud to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing a limited lifetime warranty on all tile, marble, stone, and granite installations. This provides peace of mind for customers who want to know that their investment is protected for years to come.

Along with their limited lifetime warranty on tile, marble, stone, and granite, Superior Surfaces also offers a one year warranty on all labor services. This includes the labor associated with all remodeling jobs, as well as shower and bathtub installations. No matter the job, customers can rest assured that, if any defects or problems arise, they can contact Superior Surfaces and they will fix it without any additional costs.

For customers who are worried about any natural damage that could occur after the job is complete, Superior Surfaces has them covered too. Natural wear and tear on tile, marble, stone, and granite is covered under their warranty, meaning no customer need worry about their materials degrading over time. Superior Surfaces also provides additional protection to prevent future damage through their sealant services.

Superior Surfaces even provides a warranty on their hardwood flooring services. As part of the warranty, customers are provided with a five year protection against any labor defects, as well as a 25 year warranty on the product itself.

At Superior Surfaces, customer satisfaction is their priority. They distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering comprehensive warranties and guarantees on many of their services. Whether customers are interested in adding a new shower or tiling an entire wall, they can have peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected by a reliable and long-lasting warranty.