Warranty Information from The Cabinet Shoppe in Jacksonville FL

Warranty Information from The Cabinet Shoppe in Jacksonville FL

The Cabinet Shoppe in Jacksonville Florida offers incredible custom cabinets for residential and commercial use, helping clients get the exact look they desire for their home or business. But several questions can understandably come to mind, such as what is the warranty process if a customer’s cabinets malfunction? The good news is that The Cabinet Shoppe provides a comprehensive warranty to cover their products in the event something goes wrong.

The Cabinet Shoppe’s warranty information grants clients peace of mind. This warranty covers all cabinets, not just specific styles or types. The company also features a five-year limited warranty on all materials, parts, and labor. If a cabinet is being corrected due to an issue related to labor, that is free of charge. The warranty is divided into three different parts, depending on the issue. This includes coverage for manufacturer defects, craftsmanship issues, and installation errors.

The warranty is also transferable depending on the circumstances. Whether you’re moving, or selling your business or house, you should have no problem transferring the warranty to another owner. The company does require the new owner to inform them of the transfer in writing and provide proof of purchase for the original owners. The Cabinet Shoppe will then reach out to the new owner to honor the warranty.

Beyond traditional warranty coverage, The Cabinet Shoppe also believes in outstanding customer service. This means that not only are buyers protected with the warranty, but they’ll also receive quick and courteous responses to any questions they might have. Plus, the company works to ensure clients’ satisfaction with any and all project details, big or small.

The Cabinet Shoppe in Jacksonville FL provides phenomenal custom cabinets, along with the warranty coverage and customer service customers need for the perfect outcome. With the five-year limited warranty, customers can rest assured that if something does go wrong with their cabinets, The Cabinet Shoppe will take care of it.