What kind of warranties does Weathered Wood Restoration provide?

Weathered Wood Restoration specializes in bringing brand new life to aged and distressed wood. The company offers a full suite of services to match virtually any customer need while providing a top-notch end result. Every product they make and service they provide is backed by multiple-level warranties that cover all aspects of the work and the customer’s satisfaction.

The standard warranty that comes with all Restoration services from Weathered Wood Restoration is their one-year Guarantee. This covers any defects in the restoration or craftsmanship of their services. If a customer isn’t happy, Weathered Wood Restoration will do whatever is needed to make it right within that twelve-month span.

The company also offers extended warranties based on the service being provided. Finishing services, such as staining and refinishing, are covered by a five-year warranty. This gives customers assurance that their service will keep looking as beautiful as the day it was installed with no need to worry about wear and tear. Customers can choose to extend the coverage to a lifetime warranty if they desire, ensuring that their Restorations can stay timeless forever.

Finally, Weathered Wood Restoration also provides a satisfaction guarantee. They will always go that extra mile to make sure the customer is happy with their end results. If, for any reason, the customer isn't satisfied with the result, Weathered Wood Restoration will pay for a replacement part or repair the issue free of charge.

Weathered Wood Restoration offers top-notch services backed with a comprehensive set of warranties. Their one-year guarantee and extended warranties offer reassurance that the customer's project will turn out perfectly, meeting their standards and lasting for years to come. The company's satisfaction guarantee adds an extra layer of protection, giving customers peace of mind that any issue or dissatisfaction will be addressed swiftly and efficiently.