Historical or Traditional Renovations Projects Completed by WS Builders in Jacksonville

Historical or Traditional Renovations Projects Completed by WS Builders in Jacksonville

WS Builders is a full-service, design-build construction company based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company has completed a variety of residential and commercial remodeling projects including historical and traditional renovations. With a commitment to making their clients’ dreams home a reality, the team of professionals at WS Builders strives to provide quality workmanship, products, and customer service.

The experienced craftsmen create stunning architectural features based on the owner’s preferences, while also addressing the long-term needs associated with the historical or traditional renovation. They are very knowledgeable about the intricate details associated with restoring a piece of historical architecture, and therefore can seamlessly integrate elements of the original structure into the newly renovated space.

The team at WS Builders collaborates with each client to ensure their unique vision and specific needs are addressed. They specialize in historical renovations and can replicate a variety of traditional building techniques while staying true to the original building aesthetic. Whether the project requires updating a century-old property or preserving its original elegance, WS Builders offers a wide variety of creative design solutions. They are well-versed in period-correct materials and methods, making sure the final product looks and functions as expected.

WS Builders also works on commercial renovation projects and can make the changes needed to keep a building up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and code requirements. For over 50 years, their team has created aesthetically pleasing, high-quality commercial spaces for their clients. Whether a full-scale remodel of an existing space or a custom build-out, WS Builders can handle various types of renovation projects.

Historical and traditional renovations are a specialty of WS Builders in Jacksonville. They understand the unique challenges associated with restoring a property to its original brilliance and strive to exceed their clients’ expectations when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. From collaborating with the client to creating a functional and beautiful space, the team of professionals at WS Builders is dedicated to completing projects with attention to detail.