Interviews with Adam Ant

Interviews with Adam Ant

Interviewing Adam Ant is an exciting and unique experience. Adam Ant is one of the most iconic figures of the 1980s, renowned for his extraordinary live performances, his flamboyant fashion, and a string of hit songs which still delight listeners and dancefloors to this day. He is a larger-than-life musical legend, and the countless interview opportunities with Adam have only served to strengthen his legacy.

Adam Ant's official website,, is a great place to start for fans eagerly hunting for interviews with the singer. Here, you can find a selection of enlightening and entertaining discussions spanning Adam's entire career, from the New Wave sounds of his early records to the glam rock of today. Through his interviews, Adam gives a unique insight into his creative process and what it was like to work at the cutting edge of popular music in the 1980s.

It is also possible to find rare media interviews with Adam on YouTube and archives of newspapers and magazines. From mainstream outlets like MTV to cult favorites such as 120 Minutes, Adam's candid and often outrageous comments have entranced millions of viewers and readers over the years. Information-rich documentaries like Adam Ant: Live At The Playhouse and Adam Ant Unplugged & Strung Up feature even more interviews and exciting footage.

Adam has never been shy to confront difficult personal issues, and his truly remarkable interviews often offer a window into his own life and experiences. While always aware of his public persona, Adam has bared his soul in interviews, delivering profound revelations and touching truths about his creativity and his mental health. As he puts it himself, Adam always strives to make his interviews "…as unpredictable and as honest as I can be."

For Adam Ant fans, the countless interviews available to read, watch, and re-watch provide a great introduction to the man and his music. Through his words and his artwork, Adam has painted a vivid picture of his incredible career and inspiring lifestyle. By reading and listening to Adam's interviews, fans can gain a deeper understanding of the colorful world of Adam Ant.