Warranty Information for Joes Three Yard Concrete

Joes Three Yard Concrete, based in Palm Coast, Florida, is a trusted concrete and ready mix pouring company. As a licensed, insured and bonded company, we offer our customers the assurance of purity and quality in all our services. Our team of experienced professionals can ensure that each project is completed with the highest standards of satisfaction and quality.

At Joes Three Yard Concrete, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible concrete and ready mix services possible – so we offer them a comprehensive warranty. This warranty covers a number of aspects of the concrete and ready mix work that we do. This guarantees that if, in the unlikely event, something should go wrong with the work, we will be here to fix it quickly and efficiently, free of charge.

Our warranty covers the following services: • Breakages: If there is a breakage caused by the concrete’s instability or the ready mix’s incorrect application, we will take responsibility for the damage and repair or replace the area at no extra cost. • Drainage: In the event that the drainage is inadequate, or the area becomes flooded, we will rectify the issue at no extra cost. • Chemical damage: In the unlikely event that the concrete or ready mix has been damaged by chemical reactions, we will investigate and take responsibility for the damage. • Retesting: As a guarantee of quality, Joes Three Yard Concrete provides retesting of work completed by our professionals. If a test fails, we will not only reimburse you for the cost of testing but also redo the work.

For any of these services that are to be covered by our warranty, all customers must provide proof of purchase. This is to help ensure that the service provided by Joes Three Yard Concrete is of the highest quality and that our customers are kept satisfied.

At Joes Three Yard Concrete, we want to make sure that our customers are protected, so they can enjoy the peace of mind that high quality work brings. With our comprehensive warranty and our team of experienced professionals, we are your go-to concrete and ready mix pouring company in Palm Coast, Florida. Contact us today for more details!