Overview of Pool and Fence's Warranty

Pool and Fence provides peace of mind to their customers through their warranty program. Through this warranty program, customers can ensure that they can receive top quality service and repair of their pool and fence products.

Pool and Fence offers a limited warranty on all their products. This includes a year's worth of coverage that covers the cost of all repairs and labor that may become necessary within this time frame. This limited warranty covers only the original purchase of Pool and Fence products and materials and does not extend to any future purchases or installations. As long as customers follow the company’s guidelines, the warranty will remain in effect.

Furthermore, customers can be sure that Pool and Fence will put in the effort to quickly fix any problems that may arise. Pool and Fence will promptly repair or replace any part or product that fail or become defective within the one year warranty period. Additionally, the company provides a full one year warranty on their labor and installation of the pool or fence. This provides customers with a certain level of security that their products will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

Overall, Pool and Fence strives to be sure their customers have a pleasant experience with the company and their products. With the one year limited warranty on their products and labor installation, Pool and Fence endeavors to provide their customers with the peace of mind they deserve.