Pool and Fence's Safety Practices

Pool and Fence is a leading provider of swimming pool and fencing installation services. With a commitment to safety, Pool and Fence takes steps to ensure the security of their clients and the quality of their work.

When installing a swimming pool, Pool and Fence takes measures to prevent risks such as electrocution, drowning, and accidental falls. Their professional contractors only use industry-approved safety protocols when they are constructing a pool. These include thorough risk assessments, proper grounding of metal items and the installation of non-conductive decking. They also use all necessary safety equipment, including things like backboards, handrails, and guardrails.

For fences, Pool and Fence ensures complete installation of the highest quality in terms of craftsmanship as well as safety. They guarantee that all fences are properly secured and anchored in accordance with local building codes. They also use pressure-treated posts, special post caps, and metal braces to ensure the stability of the fence.

Furthermore, Pool and Fence employs a team of experts in the field who stay up to date with the latest safety regulations in order to provide top-of-the-line services to their clients. This includes abiding by all relevant laws, such as pool and fence barrier laws, and ensuring that the fence is properly marked and displayed in accordance to these regulations.

At Pool and Fence, safety is the top priority and they strive to exceed all standards in order to provide the best-possible service to all of their clients. From pool installation to fence installation, they take extra steps to ensure the security and safety of their clients’ homes and properties.