Project Portfolio of AJ Wells Professional Roofers

Project Portfolio of AJ Wells Professional Roofers

AJ Wells Professional Roofers specialize in Cold-Formed Steel Framing and Custom Metal Roofing Solutions. Since 1982, the company has been among the top providers of roofing services in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding region. From agricultural and commercial projects to residential projects, AJ Wells is proud to help clients achieve their unique goals.

The team of professionals at AJ Wells is dedicated to providing superior quality work and top-notch customer service. They simply don’t settle for anything less than the best and are always up for a challenge. Utilizing the most advanced materials and technologies, AJ Wells is committed to providing fast, efficient, and long-lasting results that meet the highest standards.

AJ Wells’ portfolio of projects includes many notable structures in the Jacksonville area. One of their most impressive jobs was the renovation of an abandoned building into a 4-story, 15-unit condominium complex in the heart of downtown Jacksonville. This project required AJ Wells to design a custom metal roofing system that would keep the condos safe from wind and rain while also adding to the aesthetics of the building.

For another large commercial project in the area, AJ Wells was hired to construct a warehousing facility. This project required careful planning and the expertise of AJ Wells’ construction professionals. The end result was a 60,000-square-foot structure with a steel frame and a custom metal roofing system that protected against the elements and improved energy efficiency.

AJ Wells knows that their work can be seen from miles away. That’s why each project is approached with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to providing excellence in every aspect. The results speak for themselves, as AJ Wells has received numerous glowing reviews from their loyal customers who have been satisfied with their work every step of the way.

From agriculture and commercial projects to residential projects, AJ Wells Professional Roofers have built a project portfolio that is second to none. With more than three decades of experience, a commitment to providing excellence, and a dedication to using the most advanced materials and technologies available, AJ Wells is sure to provide superior quality roofing services, no matter the size or scope of the job.