Warranties and guarantees offered by AJ Wells Professional Roofers

Warranties and guarantees offered by AJ Wells Professional Roofers

AJ Wells Professional Roofers are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality products and services. In the roofing industry, warranties and guarantees are an important part of customer service and trust. AJ Wells Professional Roofers recognize that and proudly offer the most comprehensive warranties and guarantees in the industry.

Customers will receive a fifty-year materials and labor warranty on their custom metal roofing. This warranty is one of the longest in the industry and ensures that if something goes wrong, AJ Wells will repair it at no cost to the customer. Customers are also covered by a twenty-year manufacturer’s warranty, which guarantees that any defects in the products will be remedied.

For their Cold-Formed Steel Framing services, AJ Wells Professional Roofers offer a full ten-year warranty. This warranty includes full coverage of installation and the materials used. AJ Wells will also provide emergency repair services in the event that there is a problem with the materials or labor.

AJ Wells Professional Roofers take extensive steps to ensure that their warranties and guarantees are honored. They test all products for quality compliance and comply with the relevant building codes. AJ Wells also employs the latest protective technology, such as corrosion protection packages, to ensure the longevity of their work.

In addition to warranties and guarantees, AJ Wells Professional Roofers also offers excellent customer service. They have a dedicated customer service team that is available to answer questions and provide support. Their team is highly trained and skilled at resolving any problems quickly and efficiently.

For customers looking for the highest quality products and service, AJ Wells Professional Roofers is the right choice. They offer extensive warranties and guarantees, as well as exceptional customer service. With the help of AJ Wells, customers can be sure that their roofing project will be done right the first time.