Insurance Coverage of Galaxy Builders, Inc.

Insurance Coverage of Galaxy Builders, Inc.

Galaxy Builders, Inc. is a reliable and established roofer, bathroom renovation, and kitchen renovation services provider serving the Jacksonville, Orange Park, and St. Augustine areas since 2003. The company is dedicated to providing key services related to roof and home renovation in a safe and skillful manner, and upholds the highest standards of integrity and quality throughout their projects.

One of the vital aspects of any successful business is having proper insurance coverage for the company and its personnel. Galaxy Builders, Inc. takes this responsibility seriously and ensures that its workers are properly protected by investing in the right types of insurance policies.

The company carries a considerable amount of insurance protection in order to protect its customers and employees, as well as limit its own liability in the event of an accident or injury at a worksite. Insurance coverage includes General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Builder's Risk Coverage, and Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Galaxy Builders, Inc. General Liability Insurance policy provides coverage for any unforeseen property damage and bodily injury as a result of their construction activities. Their Professional Liability Insurance policy allows them to absorb the costs associated with mistakes resulting from their services, or from any third-party claims made against them. On top of this, their Builder's Risk Coverage helps protect their structures during the construction phase and Worker's Compensation Insurance helps cover medical costs and lost wages resulting from an employee injury.

The company is dedicated to ensuring the safety of their workers and customers and takes great care in protecting both parties from unforeseen risks. By investing in the right types of insurance policies, Galaxy Builders, Inc. guarantees that their services are backed up with the safety and assurance of solid insurance coverage.