Pricing for Galaxy Builders, Inc. Services

Pricing for Galaxy Builders, Inc. Services

Galaxy Builders, Inc. is a trusted renovation and roofing service provider that has been serving the residents of Jacksonville, Orange Park, and St. Augustine since 2003. Their comprehensive range of services includes kitchen and bathroom renovations, roofing repair, installation, and maintenance. They strive to provide the highest quality workmanship and customer service available, and guarantee satisfied every time.

At Galaxy Builders, Inc., they make it their mission to provide excellent customer service and competitive pricing for their roofing and renovation services. They are consistently researching their competitors’ offers to ensure their prices remain competitive and affordable for their customers. While exact figures may vary depending on the size of the property, there is a general pricing guide to provide customers with an estimate of what to expect.

Roof Installation is particularly costly due to the sheer amount of material and labor that goes into it. The average cost for new roof installation from Galaxy Builders, Inc. is typically around $7,500-10,500 depending on the size and quality of the material used. This cost also includes removal of the old roof and labor to install the new one.

Roof Repair is another popular service, and the cost of this service varies depending on the extent of the repairs needed. Prices usually range from $400 to $5000, and include repairing electrical systems, replacing broken boards, re-flashing, and resealing.

In addition to roofing services, they also specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. The cost of these services can vary greatly depending on the desired outcome and the property size. A basic bathroom remodel, for example, typically costs anywhere from $3,000-10,000. This cost includes removing old fixtures, installing new ones, tiling, plumbing, and painting. Kitchen remodeling is typically more involved, and therefore more expensive, costing between $5,000-20,000.

At Galaxy Builders, Inc., they understand that the cost of their services can be steep, which is why they try to make it as affordable as possible for their customers. They offer flexible payment plans, discounts for seniors and military, and work closely with customers on all budgets. With a team of licensed and experienced professionals, Galaxy Builders, Inc. is the go-to solution for roofing, bathroom and kitchen remodeling services in the Jacksonville, Orange Park, and St Augustine area.