What special discounts and promotions does Home [NEFRSA] offer?

What special discounts and promotions does Home [NEFRSA] offer?

Home, the North Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association, offers an array of discounts and promotions to their members. Through their membership, they strive to offer their members high quality service while also providing cost savings and value.

Members are eligible to receive discounted rates on roofing materials, and also benefit from special membership pricing on product purchases and services. They can also take advantage of regional and national promotions and discounts, as well as special deals on labor and installation services.

The association strives to stay at the forefront of the industry and to ensure the highest quality of service for their members. As such, they have developed a comprehensive training and certification program to ensure their members have the necessary knowledge and skills to work with quality roofing materials and installations. Through the program, members are able to successfully complete their projects with confidence and receive discounts on their projects.

In addition, Home [NEFRSA] hosts several special events throughout the year. These events offer members the opportunity to network, learn more about the industry, and take advantage of special product giveaways and promotions. These events take place both on and off the job, and are a great way for members to stay up to date on the latest techniques, trends and products available in the roofing industry.

Finally, Home [NEFRSA] offers exclusive member benefits, such as complimentary continuing education credits, access to industry events, and discounts on industry products and services. Membership is open to roofing contractors located in the North Florida area and other nearby states, and is open to both individuals and businesses. By joining the association, members are able to take advantage of the many benefits, discounts and promotions offered by Home.