Specials, Promotions and Discounts from Ball Air Conditioning

Ball Air Conditioning is the premier dealer of heating and cooling solutions in the greater Chicago area. We take pride in helping our customers save money on the purchase and installation of their heating and cooling systems, and that’s why we offer a variety of specials, promotions, and discounts. Whether you’re looking for a new AC unit or need to have an old unit serviced, Ball Air Conditioning has something to offer that will help you save.

To start off, Ball Air Conditioning offers a 10% discount on all outdoor AC unit installation jobs and service calls. This allows our customers to save 10% on the purchase of a brand new outdoor AC unit and the installation cost. With our comprehensive services, you’re sure to be confident your AC unit is in the best hands and will work properly once the installation is complete.

Ball Air Conditioning also offers seasonal discounts and promotions on installations and services. During the winter months, be sure to take advantage of our 15% discount on any indoor AC unit installation job. During the summer months, enjoy a 10% discount on all outdoor or indoor AC unit service calls. These discounts help our customers save money on their heating and cooling needs throughout the entire year.

At Ball Air Conditioning, we understand that our customers may need emergency AC services at any time. That’s why we offer discounted emergency services during the hottest days of summer. Rather than having to pay full price for emergency AC service, take advantage of our discounted version, available seven days a week. This helps our customers get their AC unit working properly without spending a lot of money on the repair.

Finally, make sure to take advantage of our loyalty program, where customers can earn rewards points they can use towards future purchases. Every customer who make a purchase with us earns reward points that can be used towards items like AC unit parts and installation services. This helps our customers save money while they keep their AC system running properly.

At Ball Air Conditioning, we want to make it easy and cost effective for our customers to keep their heating and cooling systems in top condition. That’s why we offer a variety of specials, promotions, and discounts throughout the year. From installation discounts to emergency services and loyalty rewards, Ball Air Conditioning is your premier dealer for all your heating and cooling needs.