Maintenance suggestions for EZ Open Garage Doors products

Maintenance suggestions for EZ Open Garage Doors products

When it comes to the products of EZ Open Garage Doors, maintenance is the key to extending the long-term use of all their products. After any installation or service, their customers should do the following to correctly care for their products:

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential for the proper functioning of EZ Open Garage Doors products. At least twice a year conduct an inspection to ensure all parts and components are working properly and make any necessary repairs. During this inspection, check the cables and wires for any fraying or discoloration which is an indication of wear and tear. Always clean the door’s track using mild soap and water to prevent and clean any build-up of dirt and debris. Lubricate the tracks, and any metal components, with a light machine oil or silicone spray and use a light lubricant on the spring and opener chain.

Inspect hardware to make sure all nuts and bolts are tight and secure. The springs should be adjusted every few months and customers should look for corrosion on any exposed metal surfaces or wiring. If necessary, replace any broken or outdated parts.

Keep the area around the garage door free of debris, soil and leaves. This will prevent pests from setting up nests and causing damage to the door.

Finally, replace the batteries in the opener regularly to keep it functioning properly. Depending on usage and the type of opener, this could be anywhere from six months to several years.

Following these basic maintenance suggestions will help customers of EZ Open Garage Doors enjoy their products for years to come and get the most out of their investment.