Republic Services Services Offered

Republic Services is a leading provider of comprehensive waste collection and recycling services in the United States. With decades of experience and one of the largest fleets of trucks in the country, they provide reliable and cost-effective waste removal and recycling solutions that help businesses and communities keep their environment clean and healthy.

From curbside waste collection services to dedicated industrial waste removal, Republic Services manages all aspects of commercial waste management efficiently and effectively. They also specialize in hazardous waste disposal, soil remediation, and medical waste disposal. Republic Services strives to develop innovative solutions that support increased recycling and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills and incinerators.

For businesses and communities, Republic Services offers a broad array of waste management and recycling services to meet specific needs, including: curbside collection of paper, plastic, cardboard, and other recyclables; dedicated waste collection, transport, and processing services; flexible collection schedule options; and single-source accountability. To ensure reliable service and quick response times, they employ a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives and highly trained drivers to ensure their collection and recycling services meet the city’s and/or business’s individual needs.

To help customers better manage their waste streams and increase recycling, Republic Services offers several waste assessment services. Using advanced technology, their experts can assist customers in setting up customized waste collection programs that utilize best practices for recyclables and waste management. Through education and engagement, customers are better equipped to increase their recycling efforts and decrease the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

Republic Services also offers green solutions such as methane gas recapture at their landfills, which is used to generate electricity. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and also provides energy savings.

Republic Services understands that responsibly disposing of commercial waste can be a challenge. With a commitment to providing customer-focused services and environmentally sustainable solutions, they make it easy to manage your waste streams and reduce your environmental impact. Whether you are a business owner looking for an efficient collection service, or a city needing expert waste management solutions, Republic Services has you covered.