What safety measures does Southern Crane & Wrecker have in place?

Southern Crane & Wrecker is an experienced tower and wrecker service company, offering a wide range of safe and reliable solutions for all kinds of equipment, vehicles and machinery. They pride themselves on providing the highest standards of safety and customer service by continually investing in improved safety measures.

The company's technicians are trained to follow safe operating and maintenance procedures and they maintain their vehicles and equipment to the highest safety and functionality standards. This includes making sure the towers and wrecker vehicles are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment such as air brakes, seatbelts and restraint systems, hazard warning lights, safety harnesses and fire extinguishers. Southern Crane & Wrecker also utilizes the latest advances in equipment technology such as advanced weight and length indices as well as remote controls, allowing operators to see where their vehicles are and to monitor operating conditions.

Southern Crane & Wrecker also regularly inspects their vehicles for any potential safety issues, such as worn-out tires, brakes, and other safety components. The company also employs certified technicians who carry out regular safety inspections and provide maintenance and service when necessary. In addition, Southern Crane & Wrecker also has a strict policy of inspecting and maintaining all its crane and wrecker vehicles for optimal performance and safety.

When it comes to the safety of their clients and operators, Southern Crane & Wrecker takes a number of additional measures. The company provides all its operators with proper safety training and certification and they monitor the behavior of their operators while on the job. The company also implements safety protocols such as requiring operators to wear the proper gear when operating the equipment and to follow safe working practices.

Southern Crane & Wrecker puts customer satisfaction and safety first and foremost. The company understands the importance of proper safety procedures and invests in them to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their customers and operators. They are continually looking for ways to improve their safety measures to keep their customers and operators safe.