What types of tower and wrecker services does Southern Crane & Wrecker provide?

Southern Crane & Wrecker is an experienced and reliable provider of tower and wrecker services in the southeast region of the United States. Established in 1974, they have established a reputation of expertise in the field, providing an extensive range of services tailored to meet their customers’ needs. Specializing in crane and rigging services, Southern Crane & Wrecker have been serving the wider southeast with their experience and know-how for over 45 years.

Southern Crane & Wrecker specialize in crane, rigging and heavy haul services. This includes the provision of tower and wrecker for a variety of specialized applications. The first is specialized mobile crane services, including lift and transport of heavy materials and refrigerated vehicles, as well as handling over-height or specialty loads. Furthermore, they also provide specialized dismantle, lift and removal of large towers, from wireless antenna and wind turbine towers, as well as work on highway, railroad and communication installations.

In addition to these specialized tower and wrecker services, Southern Crane & Wrecker also offers other crane and rigging services. These include a full suite of lift tackle, rigging contracts, and the delivery and assembly of heavy pieces of equipment. This encompasses a range of services to ensure the efficient and successful handling of even the most difficult and sensitive materials and equipment.

Southern Crane & Wrecker is proud to call themselves a leader in their field of tower and wrecker services, as they have developed a comprehensive range of services to ensure their clients’ satisfaction. Their ability to accommodate all types of lifting requirements has led them to be recognized in the industry, and this has allowed them to provide a quality service no matter the job at hand. Furthermore, their depth of expertise in this area allows them to meet the specific needs of the job for all of their clients, resulting in seamless and safe operations.

Southern Crane & Wrecker is proud to offer a wide range of tower and wrecker services for all types of applications. From mobile crane services to dismantling and removal of large towers, to delivering and assembling equipment, their team of experienced professionals can work with any requirement. Their agency ensures the most efficient and reliable approach to tower and wrecker services, ensuring a safe and successful outcome every time.